Zebra Love

I did lots of zebra print this past Christmas!  This sweet little 5x5 shipped out a while back.  I am a big fan of the name over the initial.  It looks so pretty inside the square!

Donna Campbell ordered this set of four assorted zebra prints for her four granddaughters.  She wanted something special just for the girls during their Christmas visit.  What a great idea!

Beth is the oldest granddaughter so I thought the name over the initial would look a little more grown up.  Since Mary Margaret's name is a long one, I decided to try it in a circle.  I love it!

Mary Grace's needed lime zebra print instead of the usual black.  I wasn't sure about that, but it turned out so cute!  Addy Jane's has the little dot border that I just love.  Thank you, Donna!  I hope the girls loved them!

I should add for ordering purposes that these are not 5x5's.  I didn't have enough of that size to fill the order and ran to Michael's to pick up some.  They only had 6x6's.  These are slightly larger than my usual small square size.