The Blacks...and Uncle Si!

One of my very best customers, Joy Black, wanted something really eye catching for her front door.  She tells me that her house is pretty far off the road and she wanted to be sure that people noticed her canvas.  She asked for the red and black and the swirls along the border.  She left the rest up to me!
This is the first time I've done the background initial in red and I think it turned out so pretty!  It's also in Centertown colors so I hope all of my teacher friends are taking note if this one.  It would make a great teacher sign, too!

This is Warrior Week at our school.  We do theme days to have a little fun and show some school spirit.  Lauren really gets into it and had a ball with Duck Dynasty day.  Her favorite character is Uncle Si.  She nailed it right down to the tea glass and calling everyone "Jack"!