Pay It Forward 2013

I did not do my 12 Days of Giveaways this year.  It just seemed like I didn't have enough time to get it all together and Christmas was here and gone before I knew it.  Plus, I had sick kids and all this extra craziness at school.  Anywho...I still wanted to do something special for all of you out there who place orders, read the blog, or just enjoy browsing my paintings.

I saw this on facebook and thought it was a fabulous idea.  Of course, I was not fast enough to be in anyone's first five comments.  Those comments fill up fast!  I'm not putting this on facebook or advertising for that reason.  You are going to have to actually visit the blog on your own accord and leave a nice comment on this post to be in my five!

If you decide to comment and receive a handmade gift from me at some point this year, please be sure to leave contact info so I can get it to you.  Remember that you are committing to do the same in return.  I am looking forward to seeing who my five are and creating something special for each of them.  Giving truly does bring joy to the giver!

Good luck and happy 2013!

Super big thanks to Brittany @ Bee of Good Cheer for the cute graphic!


Michaela said…
Of Course I have to comment! I love your work!
Lindsey Chambers said…
I do too! And I was just looking through your etsy page for something spring-y!
Erica said…
Does this work both ways? Because I'd love to make your list!
Brandie said…
Oh, I definitely think so, Erica! Does that mean I'm on your list? Woohoo:)!
I have three so far...Michaela, Lindsey, and Erica. Who will the last two be???
Brittany Hodges said…
Yippee! So fun to see my print circulating around blog land. If it works both ways I'd love to be on your list! You made my last five! Just make sure to get me your personal info, and I need yours as well!
Brandie said…
Thanks, Brittany - you're my number four:)!! I definitely think it needs to work both ways!
Anonymous said…
Brandi...Always love cking out your blog and admiring all the pretty things.

Cathy G.
Anonymous said…
Hi Brandi,

Love keeping up with your blog and and ordering special gifts!

Jamie W.