Lacey Jones recently ordered a banjo and a guitar for her son Jackson's room.  I had to do a little research on this one!

After looking at lots of pictures of banjos and guitars, this is the design that I came up with.  I am hoping that in this closer up photo you can see all of the dark blue detailing on the instruments.  I tried to keep it simple but at the same time intricate.

Here's the pillow that I was given to match.  I picked up one the light and dark blue. tan, brown, and just a bit of maroon.  I hope Jackson is loving his new big boy room!

Lacey is expecting another baby soon.  I know the name but I have to keep it under wraps a bit longer.  This is the first of several pieces for that nursery.

The color and design showed up better in the first picture, but you can really read the quote in this one.  It's so sweet!  I can't wait to get to the rest.  Thank you, Lacey!