The Rigsby family with a white background and black cursive lettering topped with black and white polka dotted ribbon - 8x24 - $30.00.

The Robbins family in black with khaki cursive name and white printed date topped with white ribbon - 8x24 - $30.00.

This one has a little different lettering in that it is more blended and kind of "sketchy".  I tried something new and loved how it turned out.  Hopefully this close up shows that this one has also been heavily distressed.

The Chambers family in khaki cursive on a cream background with a chocolate brown cursive date.  This one is topped with sunflower printed ribbon - 4x12 - $20.00.

The Insell family in red cursive on a white background with the date in black print topped with a black ribbon - 8x24 - $30.00.

Lots of families lots of different way - and they all look wonderful!  Thanks so much for all of your "family" orders!