I get a lot of teacher gift orders this time of the year.  I love it and try to make each one special!  Here's some bright and cheery colors for Miss Haley and Miss Meghan right down the hall from me at Centertown Elementary!

These girls are so much fun to work with, and I know they are doing a wonderful job with their reading groups.  These matching - but not exactly - signs will be so cute outside their door!

A more classic apple with multicolored dots for Mrs. Brewer.  I love this 4x12 size for the classroom.

Some pretty pastel paisleys for Mrs. Kelly.  This one is so soft and sweet!

Finally, some super cool owls for Mrs. Ryder.  I was sent some fabric to match.  I love the citron green brown, raspberry, and light blue color combination.

This one also requested some personalization on the side.  I love this idea!  I know as a teacher that even though every gift is appreciated and every student is loved, it all runs together through the years!

Happy holidays to all of the teachers out there!