Sometimes it really doesn't seem like it, but I am making progress in lots of areas.  The house never seems to be as clean or as decorated as I'd like for it to be, but I did take down my Halloween decorations this afternoon and our new stockings arrived.  That's progress!  
My main goal this week has been getting Lauren well again.  As you can see, she is making progress.  Pneumonia just seems like it takes forever to get over.  We spent the morning at the pediatrician's office and imaging center getting chest x-rays.  Now we are home with a new prescription and good diagnosis.  It just takes time.  I got her a new activity book to keep her on the couch a little longer!

I have found a little time to paint this week.  A sick child paired with the normal Halloween madness has put me behind my planned schedule, but I am making progress!  Here's some snowmen and Christmas gift orders that have been started.  

Finally, I came us with a new holiday design that I'm really excited about.  I've been experimenting with it in two different color schemes.  I'll have them finished and ready to fully unveil soon.  
Remember to get your holiday orders in by November 10!  Thanks!


Paloma said…
Well... you are taking care of what matters most first! And that's awesome! :) we'll have time to clean the house without kids sooner than we'd actually like to! -sigh- just thinking about me makes me sad... so ... yay for chidren's mess! :) I am glad you got a good diagnose and now it's just recovery from here! Thanks for your comment on SITS! I appreciate it!
Crystal said…
Stopping by from SITS... I hope your little sweetheart is feeling better soon! Take care!