Let It Snow!

All of this cold weather and frosty mornings have gotten me in the mood for some snow!  Here's some of my favorite snowmen!  I love these two classic 10x10 snowmen.  They look great all winter and never go out of style.  That's my favorite snow saying, too!  I took this pic before I added ribbon so picture them with a big green and blue satin bow on top!

This snowman is super cute with the pink accent.  Pink is so pretty with the blues and white for winter.  This also looks perfect for Valentine's Day!

The new fancy snowman design was new last year and was very popular in a lot of colors.  Here's the red version which goes so well with the little touch of zebra.

I love the lavender and green version...perfect for winter!

The snowman families are always popular and make a fabulous gift especially for newlyweds or families with new babies.

Here's another one..too cute!

The little 5x5 snowmen also make great gifts and are small enough to use as ornament on the tree!

Snowmen backgrounds don't have to be blue!  How about some hot pink?

Or some khaki?  The possibilities for your custom snowman are endless!