Special Quotes

The "Christopher Robin" quote, which I just love to paint, has become one of my best sellers on etsy.  I can't seem to keep this one in stock!  It's just so sweet and I can see why so many people want it for their home and nursery.

The background is khaki with some hand stamped designs in cream.  The lettering is in chocolate brown cursive.  While this is the most common color combination and style, it can be done just about any way you like!  The size is an 8x24.

This one is the same style but with a custom quote.  It is designed for a lavender and purple shabby chic nursery.  I had never seen this quote before and think it is beautiful.  It will also be used on the table during the baby shower.  Love that idea!


Hi there, saw you on SITS! Have a great one!
Christine said…
These are really beautiful!! Thank you for sharing.