Show Us Your Life - Halloween Costumes

Today I am linking up with Kelly's Korner to show off some Halloween costumes.  I can't wait to go browse all of the other blogs!  Unfortunately, I haven't gotten it together enough to take pictures of this year's costumes.  I will share that Lauren is a candy fairy (her idea!) and that Carter has decided not to dress up.  This is his first year to go without a costume and I'm not sure how I feel about it!
This is from my first year blogging.  Lauren was Cinderella and Carter was a Titans football player.  He had the whole helmet and  uniform, but as the night wore on he shed those.

The next year, Lauren was a fairy and Carter was Indiana Jones.  I tried to get him to be Captain Hook and do one of those cute theme costumes.  He wouldn't go for it.

The following year Lauren was a snow princess (are you sensing a theme here?) and Carter was a werewolf.  This was the first year he wanted a "scary" costume.  I don't like the really scary ones, so we had to compromise.

Last year I made Lauren use her costume from her dance recital.  It was so cute and paid for!  She was a waitress so we added the cat-eye glasses, a tray with fake food, and an order pad.  She loved it!  Carter wore his dad's referee top with his black track pants, tennis shoes, and a whistle.  Easy and comfy!  He looked so cute and I hate that I couldn't find his picture.

I decided to also share some of my favorite Halloween canvases.  The witch legs were one of my very first Halloween designs and are always fun!

This special witch legs canvas was for a mother, daughter, and pet - how cute!

Here's my two favorite versions of BOO!  The three canvases strung together are perfect for the front door and I just love all the colors and patterns.  The larger canvas features my favorite Halloween decoration - spiderwebs!

The two little sweeties have the holiday polka dots are are perfect to go in a wreath.
Thanks for visiting today and Happy Halloween!


Hi Brandie, I'm visiting from Kelly's blog! Your children are adorable, cute costumes! I'm looking for new friends that might like to visit my new Maddalee blog...I'm offering some fun projects for children and their big people :-)

Very pretty artwork, also!

Blessings, Nancy