Joy is a family day out to the Titan's game.  We used the tickets we earned from participating in the Titan's 5K.  The Titans lost in overtime to the Colts, but it was still a great game.  It was also pretty cold, but it was fun to bundle up and drink hot chocolate.

I've been to the pediatrician with Lauren this morning and found out that she has pneumonia.  This is very scary for us since the whole ordeal with Carter last year that resulted in lung surgery and a week stay at Vanderbilt.  We caught it early and have high hopes for a quick recovery.  Joy is having a job that allows me to be home with her on days like this.  Joy is getting prescriptions and groceries and not worrying about how to pay for them.

Even on our worst days, there are so many things in our lives that should bring us joy.  This canvas set is designed for Christmas, but why not leave it out all year?