There's been lots and lots of 8x24 "established" canvases being painted and shipped out all over the place lately.  I hope this design never gets old!

I don't think it will since it is so versatile.  It's perfect for newlyweds or those celebrating many years of marriage.  It also looks great in just about any color combination or writing style.  There is literally something for everyone!  This simple but so elegant black and white one was an etsy order.  I love the polka dot ribbon!

This one is chocolate brown with khaki and cream.  The big swooping capital F is so pretty!  This was a local order for Tera Fults.

This smaller size (4x12) is perfect for shorter names or if you have a smaller space.  This one shipped out a couple of weeks ago.  I just love the burlap ribbon!

Lindsey Chambers ordered this one in a simple print rather than the cursive.  This one is  black, khaki, and white and will never go out of style!

Finally, this design works perfectly for really short names on the 11x14 size.  This wedding gift shipped out to Murfreesboro, TN.