Being a Teacher...

This popped up on facebook and I just thought it was hilarious.  I sent the image to the Teacher's Center and they printed it our poster size for me.  I hung it in the classroom over fall break and when the kids came back, they loved it, too!
There are times when it is hard to be a teacher, really hard.  You basically have to show up with your game face every single day.  There's no hiding out in your office.  You have to be there, you have to be smart, and you have to be engaging.  The students don't really know when I'm sad, tired, or worrying about cleaning my house.  They don't know that sometimes they get on my nerves!  
They think that I love to teach and live for Science.  They think that they are each one my favorite.  I like it that way!  When I put my focus on the kids and not on all of the junky stuff (like paperwork and bus duty) that goes with the job, the job suddenly becomes easier to do.  It really is all about the kids.

Teachers don't teach for the money and fame.  However, it is nice to show some teacher appreciation every once in a while.  A mom, Glynn Simmons, ordered this hot pink a zebra canvas for her daughter who is a teacher in Texas.  I did my room in a theme like this last year and the kids went crazy for it!

Maybe your special teacher would like to choose something on his or her own.  You can always get a gift certificate - I love getting them as gifts!  This way the teacher can choose something for the classroom or the home.  Perfect.

Remember your teachers this Christmas!  The last day to order for the holidays is November 10th - sooner than you think!!