Show Us Your Life - Favorite Beauty Products

It's favorite beauty products day on Kelly's Korner's Show Us Your Life Series.  Now I am a bit of a beauty product junkie but still very budget minded.  Even though I buy most of my beauty products along with my groceries, I love Ulta and you can get some really great deals there!  Their tinted moisturizer is what I use as a foundation.  It's very light and just soaks right in evenly without having to use a sponge.  It works especially well when you have a tan!

My go to body moisturizer is good old fashioned baby oil.  I keep it in the shower and rub it in all over while I am still wet.  It keeps my skin soft and moisturized from my neck to my feet!  This new shea and cocoa butter formula smells great.  It also feels really good on your legs after shaving and leaves them a little bit shiny!

Mascara shopping is always so hard!  I found this one and now it is all I buy.  It is the Maybelline Classic Volum Express in Very Black.  It's thick but not too thick and doesn't clump.

 I also keep this St. Ives Apricot Scrub in the shower.  I do wash my face really well as night, but I use this scrub every morning.  It keeps all of the dead skin off and controls blackheads.  It is also a good "wake me up"!

 Most of my beauty items are pretty run of the mill, but here's a couple of my favorite splurges.  I have a Smashbox lip gloss set that is wonderful.  I like a light colored lip - just a hint of color! - with just a little shine.  I got a lot of color variety with this set.  It has a good texture and stays on well.

My favorite eyeshadow and blush set is this Too Face "In Your Dreams" set.  You've got all of the color combinations and directions all laid out for you!  Fool proof!  It is very high quality and really lasts all day.  This is really good for traveling, too.

Well, those are a few faves.  Let me know you stopped by today!


hollie marie said…
Love the baby oil idea, but does it absorb or is it greasy at all? I should wear more moisturizer/lotion on my skin, but hate the tacky, sticky, or greasy feeling they often leave behind. Thanks! :)
Danae said…
I love baby oil too! I shave with it and use it to remove my eye make up. I love the idea to moisturize with it while still in the shower! I am going to try that!
Brandie said…
It soaks in really well and just leaves a nice sheen. It can make your shower a bit slippery, though!
~Violet~ said…
Hello, just stopping by from Kelly's Korner to read about your favorites. I'm a Bama girl myself, but I do have a sister that lives in Tennessee. Nice to meet you!
Angie said…
Browsing some of the blogs linked to Kellys Korner today. I am totally going to try your baby oil in the shower idea!
-Emily- said…
I used to used baby oil right after the shower and it works as a GREAT moisturizer!!