For The Bathroom...

Angie Williams is redoing her bathroom!  She sent me a picture of her new shower curtain to use as inspiration.  She sent it to me in a facebook message and it won't go through to blogger for some reason.  I really wanted you all to see how well it matches!  Oh, well!

She wanted this verse on a 16x16.  I kept this one pretty simple and it turned out beautifully.  It really is one of my favorites!

Next, she wanted a 10x10 with the flowers from the shower curtain.  I like the little touches of brown and the wide satin ribbon.

Finally, Angie had ordered these a while back with teal accents and lettering.  When she got the new curtain, the teal didn't match.  I took out that color and replaced it with chocolate brown.  They are still so cute and now they match perfectly!