Wash - Dry - Fold

It's the story of our lives, isn't it?  We spend a lot of time in the laundry room!

I love that so many of you want to take the time to make your laundry rooms look nice!  One of my very best customers, Kayla Young, has a yellow laundry room with red and black accents like rugs and baskets.  I think that sounds so cheerful!

She wanted this set of four red and black canvases for that room and requested cursive writing and "dressy" patterns.  I love the big looping L and I think all of the dots and swirls are very dressy!  There's no ribbon on any of these because she is putting them in big black frames.  I'd love to see the finished product - hint, hint!

This laundry room door canvas is for another wonderful repeat customer, Shonda Wanamaker.  She asked for more earth tones and the word "laundry".  I asked if I could add the "wash, dry, fold" over the top and she liked that idea.  This one has been slightly distressed as well for a rustic look.  This 10x20 size is the perfect fit for a door.


Raquel said…
Oh I love the laundry room sign! We need more laundry room art! Stopping by from SITS.
Shannon said…
Visiting from SITS!

Very cute idea! I would love to do something with my laundry area... though it's only a closet. Our next house MUST have an actual laundry ROOM!
Anonymous said…
Love them!!
Monica S.
ElsaD said…
Lovely idea, darling! Will try that! XOXO
Kate said…
I do so much laundry at work-wish they had a cute laundry room to decorate!