School Days

I've been painting lots of teacher canvases this summer!  Now the time for back to school is here!  Today is registration day at my school.  I am looking forward to seeing all of the kids in my class again.  I think I'm going to love moving up from fifth to sixth grade along with them!
 I painted this one for Mrs. Bost at Dibrell Elementary School.  Their colors are gold and purple so she wanted those colors with some damask print.  I think this will look fabulous hanging outside her office!

Mrs. Erin asked for a colorful owl and her name.  That's it - she left the rest up to me!  I decided on a chocolate brown background with large white polka dots.  I did her name in print because she is a first grade teacher.  The dots on the ends are just made for school!

Here's a close up of that colorful owl.  I went with a palette of purples, blues, and greens.  I love that the wings are paisleys!

Here's my inspiration for the new owl design.  This is the fabric of my favorite nightgown.  It's true that inspiration comes form everywhere!  As soon as I got this order, this fabric swatch popped into my mind.  Enjoy and have a great school year, Mrs. Bost and Mrs. Erin!