Early Birds

I think this is so funny!  Shonda Wanamaker ordered a black and white 16x20 of this quote for her teenage son's room.  A reminder, maybe?  I know my (almost) teenage boy is no early bird and could usually care less if he catches the worm or not!  Haha!

She asked for it to be distressed and I love how it turned out!  Thank you, Shonda!

This Saturday we were a bunch of early birds.  If you know us, you know that I am a night owl married to an early bird...not always the best combination.  My little early bird has also gotten into running and forced us to do signed us all up for the Titans 5K.   Now Lauren is awfully little so she ran the kids' half mile and I ran with her.  You need to know that I had to train just to run that!

Here's Mike and Carter at the start line.  Mike finished with a 10:08 average mile and Carter with an 11:03.  I am so proud of them both!  I thought my heart was going to burst with pride watching them cross that finish line.

Lauren and I had some time to kill around the stadium while we were waiting for them to finish!

That's me in the home stretch on the field!  That little orange dot in front of me is Lauren.  It was exciting to run through the same tunnel that the players do and then get to see yourself on the big screen!

And finally our first family run day is over.  We went and did a few visits and errands then came home and showered and collapsed!  Whew!