Let me just start by saying that this is one of my favorite canvases ever!  I know I love all of them and that I say that all of the time, but it's true!  This one just went so smoothly from start to finish - the design process, the colors, and the actual painting.

Natalie wanted something to match her daughter's current room but also have a timeless quality.  She wanted it to grow with Brynne and be able to use it as the room changes.  I think that's such a great idea.  To me, the dots and stripes are as timeless as it gets.  I used lots of cream and white to make sure it could go with lots of other colors.

Here's a picture of Brynne's room.  Look at all of that pretty fabric framed in the hoops and those gorgeous curtains!  I think the canvas will be a perfect fit!  Thank you so much, Natalie and Brynne!


Kristin Leamy said…
That's beautiful, and looks like it will be perfect in her room!