Back To School

It's back to school time here in Warren County!  We were up bright and early this morning.  The kids were really excited about their first day back.  Here's Carter on his way to fifth grade.

Lauren is moving on up to the second grade.  I can't believe it is going by so fast!  All of those time that I feel like I'm stressed or in a hurry, I try to slow down and just enjoy the moment.

I don't get to do this too often, but I thought I'd try to share some pictures of my classroom.  I love to go all out with a new theme each school year.  Last year I had animal prints and a jungle theme.  This year I went with the woodland forest/animals/camping theme.  I thought it turned out so cute!  Here's the big display of students' names outside the door.

This is right inside the door and is an area for all of that important stuff like grading scales, mission statement, evacuation plan, etc.  The clips are for me to change out the lunch menu.  The shelves house all of the bins for finished work on the top and art supplies on the bottom.

Here's my one big bulletin board.  This is where I hang work that is just really good.  If your paper makes the board, you get a homework pass!  Their art boxes are stacked on those shelves.  I usually have family photos on that lower shelf, but I haven't gotten around to it!

This is my desk area.  I change out my name and photos every year.  I love all of my colorful owls and my lamp.  I hate fluorescent lighting.  I turn it off every chance I get and enjoy the soft lamplight!

This is hanging on that wall right beside my desk.  I pin any important papers (especially those with a due date!) so I don't lose them.  I have a few more favorite pictures up here and my letters from presidents.

I'm proud of my classroom and looking forward to a wonderful school year!  Thanks for stopping by today!



Christie Allison said…
B as always your room looks great! Thanks for sharing! Janet and I are coming to Centertown on Friday! We will come by and see you. I can't believe how much Carter and Lauren have grown. Love ya! Christie
Kate said…
Cute classroom! My sister is obsessed with owls (like I am with anchors). She would love your classroom!