Show Us Your Life Series - Bathrooms

It's bathroom day at Kelly's Korner!  Today I am participating the Show Us Your Life Series.  I love looking at all of the links, so I joined in the fun.  First up is the kids' bathroom.  Let me start by saying that red is not my favorite color.  When you buy a house and it has a red countertop, what are you going to do?

Well, I made the best of it and had the walls painted a toasty taupe color.  I found this antique looking shower curtain with red and lots of taupes and creams - so pretty!  I also used bronze accents all through to match the fixtures.  I know this is a little grown up looking for a kids' bathroom, but this is also our guest bathroom if we have people over.

To make it just right for my son and daughter, I added this artwork about baseball players and ballerinas.  Love it!  I can put some nice sepia tinted photos in there when they outgrow these cute prints.

The master bathroom is a little more tucked away and not as accessible for guests.  I love the french doors with frosted glass that connect our bedroom to our bathroom.  It makes me feel like it's a spa!

Where I get ready every morning!

Yes, Robert Redford hangs above the toilet!  It's in it's own little room and my husband's baseball movie poster just fit perfectly and was the perfect colors!

Our was a nice day when I took the pictures so I opened the plantation shutters and windows.  Beautiful!

Finally, the shower.  I am still getting used that "showering in the open" feeling and this thing is so hard to clean!  I'm glad I got a bit of the ceiling in one of the photos.  I absolutely loved the recessed lighting in the bathroom.  I also wanted to show that the walls are a soft aqua, but the ceiling is brown.  I think it makes the lighting and nice trim show up better.

Well, thanks for taking the tour and stopping by my house for a bit.  Now I'm off to see some of yours!


Anonymous said…
love the baseball and ballerina poster! and the french doors to the master bath

- Amy in Houston, Texas
over from Kelly's Korner
Natasha said…
Love the shower curtain in the kids' bathroom. And the Robert Redford picture above the toilet! Ha ha ha!

Can you tell I'm behind on reading the SUYL posts? And I'm nosy enough to want to read every single one?!?!
Leslie Greer said…
where did you find the french doors?
Brandie said…
The doors were in the house w hen we bought it!
Anonymous said…
Love the bathroom doors thinking of putting them in my master. What size is the door opening?