Show Us Your Life - Displaying Pictures

It's time for the Show Us Your Life Series at Kelly's Korner.  I can't wait to do some research on displaying pictures.  We've been in our house for a few months now and I am still hanging pictures.  I love the nice clean spaces on our newly painted walls, but pictures make a house a home.  
I had this photo (sorry about the glare!) from my sister's wedding printed on a canvas.  I had it done at Wal-Mart for a great price!  It is very light weight and you don't need a frame.  Plus, it wasn't very expensive so you can change it pretty often.

I bought a calendar of antique travel posters years ago with the plan to have them framed someday.  I found them when we were moving and my husband let me pick out a few to get framed as an anniversary gift.  I measured using the steps as a guide to be sure they were hung level.  I really like them and hope to get more of them framed soon!

I hung my daughter's collection of artwork in this little space in the bonus room.  It's an odd shaped wall that you can't really do a lot with.  It is also in the area where she plays house.  She likes seeing her creations!

Sometimes I like to get the tickets, pins, or other mementos from special occasions framed with the photographs.  I had this NCAA Final Four collage framed for my husband for one Father's Day gift.

Finally, we have a large framed movie poster hanging in our bathroom.  They are usually not expensive (unless you get into some of those rare vintage ones!) and are often beautiful or hold a special memory for you.

As our wall are reflects, we love family time, sports, traveling, and the movies.  Whatever it is that's on your walls should be a reflection of the things you love.  Thanks for stopping by today!  I can't wait to go get some new ideas!


Ashley said…
I love the travel posters!
Love it! Glad I found your site! :) Became your newest follower! :) Erin