Random...But Special!

Lots of times I can make a good post from one order or find a few orders with a common theme.  I've got these great pieces sort of stored up that I haven't found the right time to share.  I decided to combine them into one random post.  No, they don't have anything in common!  
First, I did a baby boy canvas.  I love the colors and the name.  I had this name picked for for Lauren if she happened to be a boy!

Pretty paisleys in shades of pink with the initial and name over the top.  

Business signs are always fun to do!

For the ultimate George Strait fan!

Erica Knowles, teacher, got married and wanted a special section reserved for her students.  What a great idea!

Finally, who is ready for fall?!


Erica said…
Oh my goodness...love the idea for the Students of the Bride. Too cute!