Holly Ressel ordered this cute little 5x7 owl canvas.  She snapped a picture of a greeting card to use as inspiration - great idea!  I think it turned out so cute!

Holly also ordered an owl bow hanger for her new baby's room.  She snapped a picture of the owl bedding in the store and sent me that.  Don't you just love technology?

Here's a close up of Holly's owl - so cute and a perfect match to the bedding!

This owl bow hanger was done as a big sister gift for Kara Best.  Her mom ordered a canvas for the new baby brother's nursery and I decided to fix something special up for Miss Kara.  I am now officially out of owl plaques!


Erica said…
I can't remember which sorority, ChiOmega maybe, but they're BIG on owls. Those girls would LOVE this stuff!!
Ashley said…
Yeah, I think it's Chi Omega--my husband's cousin was in it, and she had so many owl-related decor items that she did her son's nursery in them!