Play It Where It Lies

I'd always heard that little saying, but never really knew where it came from.  Allison Eubanks wanted this Bobby Jones quote to hang in her son's room.  She requested blue and yellow and wanted to keep it simple and classic.

I did the lettering in a nice chocolate brown and added a bit of detailing along the border to tie it all together.  I love how this one turned out.  I think it is simple and neat and will never go out of style...just like the quote.


@nola727 said…
I'm still waiting on a giveaway you did more than a year ago on the blog " The Gift Closet" Notified you many, many times.

Would it arrive faster if I just paid you for the prize?

nolagirl727 at yahoo dot com
@nola727 said…
Clarification: That message is for

@nola727 said…
She hosted a giveaway on your site as well. Hopefully your winner's prize came through
Brandie said…
Oh, my! I about panicked when I read that first comment. I haven't heard anything but hope that My winner's prize came through, too! Maybe your next prize will work out better. Good luck!