Favorite Verses

Do you have a favorite Bible verse?  I certainly do.  I think we all have those special verses that we can quote, that we've read many times, that we turn to on good days and bad.

Camille Brown chose these two verses to give as gifts to a couple of special women in her life.  Not only do I love the colors combinations she chose, I love the verses, too.  It's wonderful to have a little reminder or inspiration when you need it most.

Thank you, Camille.  I hope they loved their gifts!


misssrobin said…
They are beautiful! I love the Psalm verse. It's one of my favorites.
whippedmoos said…
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whippedmoos said…
I love Jeremiah 33:3. It's such an obvious verse but sometimes we forget it's that easy :) You're canvas work is gorgeous! I might just have to order one with that verse on it! I told you I'd enjoy my visit! ;)