Carter Owen Mansfield

Happy birthday to you,

happy birthday to you,

happy birthday to Carter,

happy birthday to you!

I can't believe my baby is turning eleven years old today.  It just seems like I was putting together this Scooby Doo party for his pre-k class.  Now he is headed into the fifth grade!

Here's a few of Carter's  milestones to celebrate his eleven years of life.  We love every minute we get to spend with this special boy.

Carter and his best dog buddy, Riley.  We were all sad to say good-bye to Riley last summer.

First lost tooth.

First trip to the NCAA basketball tournament.

Just hanging with the Titans!

First time as an All-Star.

Indiana Jones!

Family trip to Florida.

Driving the Jungle Cruise boat at Disney World.

Family trip to Cancun, Mexico.

A proud member of the Warren County Tide.

Scared us all with emergency surgery as a result of pneumonia.

Easter 2012.

In the Tide dugout.

He is not scared of iguanas!

Slam dunking it!

Happy birthday, sweet boy.  I am proud of you in all of the things that you do.


what a handsome boy!

My son's name is Carter too;)