Back to the 60's

We had a good time at the Back to the 60's event today.  Bar-B-Que nachos and Hawaiian Ices!  The weather started out so nice, but eventually it turned dark and cloudy.  When the clouds rolled in, the crowds rolled out.

Here's a shot of my booth.  I did burlap tablecloths this time instead of my usual quilt.  I think it looked cute and got lots of compliments!

My favorite customer of the day, Amber, and her personalized canvas!

I have several great pieces left over from the day.  Here's the link to the facebook album where they are for sale.  Click here and go do some shopping!

There are all shapes, color, and sizes.  They are also marked down at a great price.  They make great gifts - stock up!


jamie said…
Gorgeous art at work ;)