All of the canvases I paint are special to me.  I don't always know the stories behind them, but I do paint each one with a lot of love.  Every once in a while, I do get to hear the story and it is a sweet one.  More love and care than usual went into this one!

Kayla Young is one of my best customers!  She emailed me with a special request for a very sick little boy.  She wanted something that would match his farm themed bedroom, but not necessarily "be farm".  I hope that makes sense!  Row was in the hospital and Kayla had the idea to let his class sign it so he could have a little reminder of all of his buddies.  Sharpie markers write wonderfully on the sealed surface.

Kayla especially wanted to include this Bible verse which I think is perfect.  Best of all, little Row has made a strong recovery.  Here he is with Kayla's daughter.  Look at those darling faces!  Thank you so much for the order and for sharing this photo with me.


Kris10 said…
I love the subtle stripes in the background.