The month of May always just flies by.  With me being a teacher, my husband being a principal, and having two active kids, we rarely get to sit down together or spend much time together when we are not on the run.  I just have to put things on hold till June!
My sisters and I have birthdays in April, May, and June.  We did squeeze in a spa visit and brunch at Mimi's to celebrate.  Even though her birthday is in February, Lauren is not one to miss a girls' day!

Things are just crazy at school in May, too.  If you are a teacher, you know what I am talking about!  We are not on any sort of regular schedule.  There are all kinds of special assemblies and meetings.  Kids are being called out of class for this and that.  Everyone is on some sort of field trip.  Geez.
I did get to go on the History Club field trip to Centennial Park and the Tennessee State Museum in Nashville.  It was such a beautiful day and the exhibits were wonderful.  My favorite was the John Mellencamp collection of paintings.

I did want to share some artwork in this post.  I am betting that my posts will be fewer and far between in the coming couple of weeks!  Here is an aunt canvas that I did for Mother's Day.  Shannon had me ship it right to her aunt and I included a little note for her.  I hope she loves the surprise!

Here's another aunt canvas from Christine.  I also shipped this one right to her special aunt.  I just love the cream on white zebra print.  It is a nice, subtle background.

These two 5x7's (not a regular size for me...I was out of 5x5's) were also painted for Mother's Day.  I love the little saying.

This is a rich chocolate brown with cream writing and ribbon.  A perfect gift!

I'll see you guys in June!