Happy Birthday to Me!

Here I am at six-years-old.  A friend gave me this picture last week.  I haven't seen my six-year-old self in a very long time.  I would like to say this brought up lots of memories, but I don't have any memory of this day.  I was crowned a queen and I don't remember?  It just made me wonder about what my kids are going to remember about their childhoods.

Maybe she will remember wearing the big hat with her mom at the Mexican Restaurant.  Maybe she won't.

Hopefully they will both remember being happy and loved.  That's enough for me.
I got a chalk drawing for my birthday this year.  That's enough for me, too.

Happy birthday to me!


Fire Wife said…
Lovely post. I've been thinking a lot lately about what FireGirl will remember about her childhood, what she will take away from it all.

I, too, have come to the conclusion that as long as she remembers LOVED and HAPPY, then the rest... is just details.

Happy Birthday !!