Shabby Apple

When I look at my closet, dresses seem to take over. I am definitely a dress wearing person - especially in the summer! Besides the fact that I like to look like a girl, there is nothing easier or more comfortable than a dress and some cute sandals in the summer or tights and boots in the winter.
I fell in love with the Shabby Apple a long time ago. When they asked me to be an affiliate and advertise for them on my blog, I jumped at the chance! Not only do they have beautiful, well made dresses, they also have arts and crafts items {eek!} and a children's line. Did I mention that I am obsessed?

Now you can get the super cute Crosswalk Skirt 25% off by using the coupon code. Orders over $100.00 always have free shipping. You can't beat that! Happy shopping!


Anonymous said…
I hear such good thing about shabby apple, I guess I better check them out! ;)