School Days

I've been so focused on moving lately that I've just now realized how close the school year is to coming to an end. I've got a fabulous class this year and my first year at Centertown Elementary has gone so smoothly. It's just flown by!

I am constantly doing teacher canvases. They are one of my favorite things to paint and I love the idea of brightening up a classroom. With each one I paint, I try to picture it in my own room. This one is so pretty and it makes me want to do my classroom in these colors next year!
For all of those who prefer something more traditional, here's the apple. This will always be in style and it perfect for any teacher!

Carter is in the fourth grade and has had a really good year with Mrs. Self. He's adjusted to the new school, learned so much, and made some new friends. He won our whole school's Spelling Bee and earned an invitation to the state Spelling Bee in Knoxville. He didn't win, but did really good and enjoyed the experience. I am so proud of him!


Fire Wife said…
Congrats to Carter on the spelling bee! Quite an accomplishment!