Easter Weekend

We've been working like crazy to get unpacked and organized. I am trying to take my time and do it right. Just take it one little project at a time! I spent some time in Lauren's room last week and am making progress. Her one request for her new room was a chandelier. There was a really big, dark ceiling fan in this room and a while ceiling. I love the painted ceiling and the dainty chandelier. The fixture, bedding, and wall decal came from Land of Nod. The handpainted trunk came from Bethany Guthrie.

I always get Lauren an Easter shirt. This is always so cute to wear to parties and egg hunts. She growing up so I let her choose this year. She went with this black and hot pink theme. She's got some black and hot pink striped ruffle capris that she wears with it. It wasn't what I would have picked, but I love it! I order most of her appliqued shirts from this etsy shop. She does awesome work and is super friendly and helpful! She's got tons of choices and boy stuff, too!

I haven't been neglecting Carter's room! His one request for his room was for it to be painted blue, and not light blue either. I don't usually choose dark colors and was sort of panicked. I went with this "stormy" shade of blue that matched the chambray in his quilt. It turned out that the dark color really made our pretty trim stand out.
His wall decal was custom made at this etsy shop and came really fast and was easy to apply. I ordered his polka dot pillow covers from this etsy shop. I was impressed with the quality of the fabric.

As you can see, I've done a lot of my home decorating through etsy! My etsy shop is currently on vacation until I can get my studio up and running again. Now that the kids' rooms are coming together, I can focus on me! I did fill one Easter order this season. Deborah in Washington wanted for little canvases to put in treat baskets for her friends. So cute!
Happy Easter to all! Enjoy this beautiful weekend!


Julie said…
I just love your work - you are so talented!! God Bless!
LBC said…
We still LOVE our door hangers!
Do you do any personalized clothing for your kids. I have an 18mon old Carter and would love to buy any hand-me-downs you might have off of you! :o) laurabchilds at gmail dot com