Brothers and a Preview

There are so many pictures that I haven't shared with you all yet. I'm getting to them slowly but surely! This brother set was custom designed to match their super cute shower curtain. I love how they turned out!
I have a mental picture of how they look hanging together in the bathroom - so cute! Mom specifically chose the fonts and the colors to be emphasized on each one (green for Landon and orange for Ian).

I am just about to finish my first order since the move. I got a beautiful brand new painting table and studio but it's not all together yet. Actually, it is full of boxes right now! I did most of this painting in my den floor. The colors are spot on and I am so proud of them both - can't wait to share!


jamie said…
Love the vibrant colours. There's so much fun portrayed...
Anonymous said…
Thank you so much Brandie. The boys love their name paintings hanging in their bathroom. They look so good with the rest of the decor!

Amy Bush