Lindsi Lemons ordered this large 18x24 canvas for her daughter Brinlee's room. She sent me some beautiful fabric swatches as inspiration.

Other than the swatches and telling me that she had a creamy taupe color for the walls, the rest of the design was up to me. She did mention that the room was already pretty fuschia heavy, so it would be nice to focus on the other colors.

I do have the fuschia, but more of an accent color. I decided to focus more on the stripes and just use touches from the frilly prints. Also, there's a lot of detailing the lettering of her name. I just love how this one turned out! Even though Brinlee is a little girl, and this is perfect for her room, I can totally see this in a teenager's room.

Come back soon (maybe tomorrow!) to see her brother Brixton's companion piece!


Julie said…
This is very cute and bright and perfect for a younger's girl room but still will be a nice piece to keep in her room as she grows. Very Nice!