Spring Training

I've never been a sports person. Never. I met my husband, who is a sports nut, and played along while we were dating. I learned quite a bit and have developed a bit of appreciation for all sports. I went to events to eat and people watch. It's just not my thing.
Then this boy came along. I will go anywhere, anytime to watch him. He loves all sports but baseball is the highlight of his year. Possibly of his life. He's not the best player, but he's my player.
He had a practice tonight and I went for a while. It felt good to see him out there, go for a walk, watch Lauren run wild, and slip back into ball park mode!

All of this sports talk is leading up to a canvas!

Little Nehemiah must be a sports nut, too.

His mom ordered this 8x24 for his bedroom and I think it is just so "boy". I love it! She ordered one a while back for his brother and wanted this one to coordinate but not be exactly the same. This is so cute for brothers! Thank you so much, Tissan!


Anonymous said…
I LOVE this -- I tried to leave two comments on SITS but they aren't showing up, so congrats on the feature!!! When you're taking orders I'd LOVE to get something for my son's room and after our son or daughter is born, most likely something for his/her room, too. :)
Tara @ secretsofamomaholic.com said…
I love your blog design!
Your signs are beautiful! Love the mani/pedi one!
Jester Queen said…
It's amazing how our kids change our interests, isn't it? Two dozen things I didn't enjoy/care about when my kids came along have become CENTRAL to my life now, and I love all of them :)

Katherine said…
I had never watched a single sporting event until I met my husband...now he's got me cheering almost as loud as anyone. Strangely, we haven't been able to transfer that to our boys.

Happy SITS!
Chatty Chicky said…
I love your artwork. Will keep ya in mind when doing any future re-decorating of the kids rooms!

Lucy McCracken said…
Congratulations on your SISTS day! I love your blog and your amazing art projects. you're so talented. I just joined your site to keep connected with your future projects.
misssrobin said…
Very cute.

My favorite thing to do in the whole world is watch my kids play sports. Second would be to watch them perform on stage. Kids change our world, don't they.
Patricia said…
Being creative is such a gift! As for sports, grew up with a dad and brother that were crazy in love with sports, and my first job was at Yankee Stadium as a secretary, so baseball is a favorite of mine!
I really like what you had to say about your son; how endearing. That's the love of a good mom, though - being present, engaged, and truly concerned. To not REALLY like sports a lot, but to love what he loves - that's choice!

Congrats again on your special FB day! I like to root for special mom's like you.
Classic NYer said…
You and sports sounds like my mother and jazz. She came to all my shows and sat through them with a confused look on her face, and then proudly pointed me out as her daughter to anyone who would ask.
Anne said…
Love your artwork! I'm not much of an art person but I do know how to appreciate when I see something beautiful and your artworks sure are!
Joanne said…
I love your painted signs. Beautiful! Hope your SITS day was great!
krystle said…
Very cute! I too never liked sports much till my husband and sons came along. I now love to watch my son play t-ball.