Lots of Dots - Bathroom Edition

I've been painting lots of dots - especially for the bathroom - lately! I decided just to post all of these recent ones together.

This color scheme goes with the PBK set with an alligator bath mat. It is just too cute!

This set is in all blues and a touch of light green. This one matches a PBK shower curtain that is all stripes. The dots will look so good with that!

Here's the whole set - I love this design and it is always so much fun to paint!

This set is a little different because it is a set of 10x10's instead of the usual 5x5. This is perfect if you have a larger wall space to cover. This is also a completely different colors scheme. I love these earth tones! Just proof that this set looks fabulous in any color!

Now, aren't you thinking that you need a little something for your bathroom?


Jeannette said…
Hi I love it and what kid doesn't need reminding to do all those things.I will keep these in mind for after we move in get settled in.

thanks for stopping by up and away studio.