Family Tree

I am sitting here tonight feeling pretty satisfied. I had some Sara Lee chocolate cheesecake. Our new cat, Billie, is curled up purring against me. Lauren is snoozing away in my bed since Mike and Carter are at the basketball game.

I have worked so hard the past several days on the new house that it feels good just to sit. Every muscle in my body is sore, but that's okay. Our big move day is planned for Saturday and I want everything to be ready.

I will be so happy when we are all settled into our new home. I am ready to nest!

I love this family tree that I did for Megan Frazier. I had never read the verse around the outside and just fell in love with it. She chose these colors and they are so pretty together. This would look beautiful anywhere in your home!
Now I am throwing in one more load of laundry (new towels!) before sleeping like a log. Good night!


Leslie said…
Gorgeous! What a sweet idea to do a small family tree like that. Reading that verse makes me want to pick up the Good Book and figure out what it's all about!
How cute is that family tree? Love it! Congratulations on your SITS Day! I hope it's filled with tons of comment love and many new friends.

Peace. ;)