Tour of Homes...

It's not really a tour of my home, more like my trees! I am hooking up with Kelly's Korner and Nester today. I've looked through their photos and links and decided to join the fun. This is such a great way to get some new ideas.
I've been doing the same thing for a while now. I am hoping to move to a new house in 2012 and want to keep some traditions and special decorations, but want to make some changes as well. One to keep is my candy tree. I love it!

Here's a closeup of my vintage candy garland and my favorite gumdrop ornament. This is in the entryway right next to the kitchen.

My son has a sports tree in the little alcove in his room. His window is the only one above the garage and it looks so pretty lit up from the outside. My daughter has a pink and green tree in her room. It's filled with ballerinas, fairies, and just about anything glittery!

I just posted a photo of our family tree and mantle a couple days ago so I'm not going to do that again. In the rest of the house, I have Snow Village house sitting around. These were handed down to me. I think they are so pretty and you can leave them out all winter!
Thanks for the visit! Come on back anytime!


Miss Charming said…
What a cute snow village and it looks as though you have the perfect place for it.