Home For The Holidays

Today I am participating in AlaMode's mantlescapes! I just sort of stumbled on this and enjoyed looking at all of the mantles so much that I decided to join in the fun. There are some gorgeous decorations out there - such inspiration!
My mantle is very simple. I love to use candy as a decorating theme in my house. I combined some oversized candy pieces with garland and red and silver ribbon. That same ribbon is on the tree as well. Our stocking hangers are actually picture frames that house pictures of each of us with Santa as a child.

Finally, while the deadline for Christmas orders has long since passed, gift certificates are always available!


Casey said…
I do a candy theme as well! Did you make your oversized candy pieces? I love them!
Brandie said…
Thanks! I bought them at The Christmas Store in Pigeon Forge, TN. I love them, too:)!