The Big Easy

I've been away for a few days. My school system was generous enough to send me to the National Science Teachers Association's Area Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana. It was a nice way to get out of the classroom and get some fresh ideas.
I went on a field trip to an alligator ranch. Really. It was so much fun! Many of you know that I have an adventurous spirit and it was truly tested here. I literally scooped this bad boy out of the water. All in the name of science!

The Mississippi River was so big and beautiful. It just shimmered in the sunlight. The convention center was right on the water. I thought New Orleans was a gorgeous town with so much character!

The hubs and I on Bourbon Street! Notice that I've gotten some beads and a bag of beignets to go!

Honestly, if I lived in New Orleans, I'd weight 300 pounds. The food is soooo good! On another field trip, we attended the New Orleans School of Cooking. This is an absolute must if you are visiting there soon. This is Mrs. Pat, the best cooking teacher ever! She is making my new favorite food - pralines. Yum!

Finally, a shot of Jackson Park in the French Quarter. Just beautiful! Now it is nice to be home in my flannel pants preparing to be back at work tomorrow. Even though it was nice to get away, I missed the kids so much!


Cole said…
Happy SITS Day! Those pralines look heavenly! And, you are WAY more adventurous than I am. I mean, I love animals...but I admire you for handling an alligator!
I drove through New Orleans and spent a few hours there while driving from Miami to Texas! I was 20 & much more adventurous than I am now! I always wanted to go back.
Laura said…
Happy SITS day! Wow. You grabbed the alligator. I love New Orleans. I haven't been there since the hurricane though. Thanks for sharing and your signs are adorable.
Thalia said…
Happy SITS Day! My husband and I lived in New Orleans for several years pre-Katrina. We went back for a visit last year for Jazz Fest. New Orleans is such a special place; I love it! Great picture of the Huey P. Long bridge, too.
Kristi said…
I love pralines! Happy SITS day!
Anne said…
Happy SITS day! This blog made me want to go out there and do the same things too. Glad you had a fun time.
krystle said…
I have a picture of my son petting a baby alligator when he was like 1.5. It's such a great pic! He'd love that alligator ranch I'm sure.