I've Painted My Last Pumpkin!

As much as I love to see seasonal things some along each year, I am equally glad to see them go.

There's been a lot, and I do mean a lot, of pumpkins in our house this fall season! I really do love painting pumpkins. They are actually pretty easy to do. I also love doing all the family names and monograms.

This was a new design this year. This is a large 18x24 canvas and features more of a pumpkin patch. Love it!

The brick red background and funky font give this pumpkin a totally different look.

This is my final batch of pumpkins literally finished up tonight. They are headed to Et Cetera tomorrow. Hopefully someone out there will need a last minute fall gift!

Another large pumpkin patch. This one was featured on an easel in my Autumn Street Fair booth and got so many compliments.

Now it's on to snowmen...


Michaela said…
I LOVE the pumpkin patch! Adorable! I won't ask you to do another though.:) I know the feeling.