Catching Up...

We just had the most wonderful fall break with our family in Perdido Key, FL. Sometimes you just need to get away, stretch out in the sun, and breath in some warm, salty air. It does the body, mind, and spirit good!

Before we left, Phyllis Graham ordered these three little cuties for her Bunco group. I am not into Bunco and I'm not sure how it all works, but it sure sounds like fun! I love the little witch boot all topped off with gingham ribbon.

My absolute favorite saying for fall! I love the really big orange polka dots, too!

I bet I've painted fifty pumpkins this season. They are more popular than ever! This one have a little glitter and lime green polka dotted sparkly ribbon.

I've finally got done unpacking and am now preparing for parent/teacher conferences. I am hoping to get back on my regular painting schedule after that. I know that many of you placed your orders for Christmas and are in no hurry. For those of you waiting, thank you so much for your order and your patience!


Anonymous said…
These are super cute! For future reference:
can + not= can't (apostrophe replaces missing letters)
you + all= y'all