Sunday, September 25, 2011

New Holiday Monograms

So...I've had lovely but very busy weekend. I painted a ton yesterday and feel pretty good about where I am for the Street Fair. Today I went to Murfreesboro at the crack of dawn so my son could play baseball. Mike had church commitments and he went yesterday. We lost but it was a nice morning to be out and it was even nicer to have some mother/son time.

This is one of the new designs I worked and worked on! I LOVE it! I had all of these Christmas visions dancing in my head. My mom brought Lauren home and when she saw them she didn't see Christmas at all! She thought they looked great for any time of the year. Oh, well!


SHARM said...

Hi I am visiting from SITS… I love your blog already WOW this is really cute… did you really paint them they are so CUTE and ADORABLE at the same time…