More Teachers!

I finished this big batch of teacher canvases and thought I was done for a while, but the school orders keep rolling in. It's a good thing! No, it's a great thing! Thank you all so much! Since I am a teacher, I have a warm, happy feeling every time I get the opportunity to brighten up a classroom.
This sweet little hot pink and zebra print canvas would really match my classroom! Cute and perfect for those small spaces!

The classic red apple will always be popular. This one is adorable with the rainbow dots and gingham ribbon.

I rarely get the time to paint canvases as gifts. I made the time for a special principal friend all the way over in Japan. He has already emailed me that he immediately hung it outside his office and loves it. Woo hoo!

Amanda Lance at WCMS sent me a picture of her brightly colored door and wanted something made to match. Since the door was already so colorful, I left the background white and added the flowers and some rhinestones.

Finally, some rainbow dots with some super cute black lettering and ribbon. I think this might be my favorite design, but I keep changing my mind! Maybe that's why i don't have one in my room yet!

Thank you so much, teachers! Have a fabulous school year!