Getting Ready For Fall

Our house is for sale so I am keeping the fall decorating to a minimum. I do have a pretty wreath (with a canvas in it, of course!) on the front door, lots of colorful mums on the porch, and I'm in the market for some real pumpkins to sit around.

Today I cleaned out the closets. We don't have enough room in our closets for summer and winter clothes to be in there at the same time. Our closets aren't small - we just have a lot of clothes. I admit it! The out of season clothes are stored when not being used so switching them out is a big project. I'm kind of glad it works out that way because I really purge every time I switch.

I took a big bag of each of the kids' clothes to school. I know there is someone who needs them. I put Lauren's really good things on ebay or in Our Kid's Consignment Sale. Mine and Mike's clothes are going to Goodwill. We usually have a huge yard sale once a year, but with the house being for sale it is hard to keep things looking nice and get ready for one at the same time.

All of these pretty fall canvases are helping someone get ready for fall, too! Some of these have been shipped out or delivered and some are for the Street Fair. I think I could paint a pumpkin with my eyes closed!