The countdown has's only one week until the Autumn Street Fair! I am using every spare minute I have (and that's not very many!) to paint things to have in the booth. There's nothing I hate more than a spare looking booth!

Today the boys are off to a baseball tournament in Murfreesboro. Lauren spent the night with her Gen and is doing girl stuff with her today. Hmmm...that leaves me all alone for a few hours. While I am extremely tempted to read a few more chapters of "The Help", take a nap, watch some trash TV, clean, or go for a walk, I am going to sit and paint. All day.

I have to! Tomorrow is my day to take Carter to baseball. This coming week at school looks crazy. I am being evaluated on Friday. All of you teachers know what that means! I'm on pins and needles! Just when I think things are slowing down a bit, something else comes along and we are busier than ever. Whew!