Okay, so I am already getting excited about Christmas! I've got a few gifts pick out. I haven't bought any yet! I have definitely started painting for the holiday season. I've got a few new designs that will be debuting at the Street Fair. I've even already filled a few holiday gift orders for you all. See, I'm not the only one!

I LOVE putting pink with the more traditional red and green. It's strange because I've never been a huge pink fan. It looks so pretty paired with theses dots and this fancy font.

I do my kitchen area in cream and red gingham and use lots of cookies, gingerbread, and candy. This little guy would be perfect in there! That's the recipe for gingerbread in the background. The handle is made of gingerbread themed lampwork beads. So cute!

Finally, the skinny elf legs! I started out with skinny witch legs and they were so popular that I extended the idea. This is absolutely adorable hanging on the front door!

Remember that I will start taking orders again on October 1st. Make you lists and check them twice and be ready! Thanks so much!!


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