Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot!

Hot pink that is! It seems that hot pink has been the official color of summer 2011! It is usually paired with black and white (so pretty!) but I've also used it with aqua, lime, and purple. These super cute monograms were designed to be used in a wedding. You can see their colors - black, white, and hot pink!

My sweet friend, Mileah Knowles, ordered hot pink with zebra stripes - love it! This would so match my classroom this year! I had several girls comment at Open House on how much they loved my room decorations!

Finally, I don't think it really has to anything to do with hot pink, but I've got a hot girls' night out to see Miss Katy Perry! It's been a while since this ol' girl has been to a concert and I am really looking forward to it.

You all have a wonderful Friday! If you are like me and this is your last official day of summer break, make it a good one!